Full Home Renovation Cost

Full Home Renovation Cost (2)

We all desire to spend our lives in a place where we feel at peace and have a sense of belonging.

Everyone desires to have a home where they can spend their lives with their families and grow together. But despite our best efforts to maintain these abodes in the best conditions we can, sometimes time and elements well out our control come in and ravage our homes leaving them with scars that need to be disguised. In the event of such occurrence, a renovation is the easiest way to hide this ugliness in our homes and bring back our places of beauty.

But everything has a cost, and especially beauty happen to have a very stepped cost.

In as much as we would want to renovate our homes, sometimes financial constraints come into play causing shortcuts to be made in renovating our homes. To help one in making informed renovation decisions, then it is imperative one know the full cost to avoid starting the renovation then getting broke in the midst of the process resulting to partial make over which would be null and void as the ruined parts will abscond the beauty regained after renovation.

Full Home Renovation Cost (1)When trying to determine the cost of your renovation, you must first know whether the renovation requires permit, as this is charged at an average of $10 per square meter. Another issue to consider is whether there will be any demolition of walls. If there will be, then demolition costs should also be added to the total. In case there’s any desire to change the house layout during the renovation, then architectural cost at $2 per square feet should be considered as they will be drawing new plans for the house.

Different professionals in the construction industry have differing renovation costs since their labor costs vary as well as the cost of materials that you use in renovations. But the average cost of renovating only the kitchen and bathroom is approximately $60000 though the cost may increase or decrease significantly depending on the appliances and material used. The cost of remodeling the other parts of the house is relatively cheaper falling at approximately $10,000 without calculating materials in the given total. The amount and quality of materials used determine whether the $10,000 will end up as $100,000 or a million.

Returning a house into its former beauty may be an expensive endeavor that may leave you financially hurt, but in the long run it is worth it as it brings the warmth back into the home.