Home Decoration Ideas

Small Home Decoration Ideas For The Budget Conscious

For people who can afford interior decorators and yards of expensive wallpaper and fabrics, home decoration is not much of a challenge. But even for those who will like to decorate their homes at reasonable prices, without making it appear cheap, there are enough decorating ideas to choose from.

The following are just a few small home decoration ideas:

Small Home Decoration Ideas For The Budget Conscious (3)

1. Don’t Forget The Greens

Plants can add life to drab, dull surroundings. They also improve the indoor atmosphere. No matter how cramped the house may be, the kitchen counter and living room bookshelves always have room for a small pot or glass jar of plants. If none of these surfaces can hold plants, you can make your hanging plant pot holder from wire and hooks.

Some people paint dried twigs in bold colors and leave them in vases for a minimalist yet dramatic style statement.

2. Garden Furniture Can Be ReclaimedSmall Home Decoration Ideas For The Budget Conscious (2)

Don’t throw away the lawn chairs and table. You can use cheap fabric to give them a new, bright, chic look. Stick pieces of fabric on the furniture until the surface is completely covered. Use a waterproof plastic coat (ask your local hardware store for the best variety) to stick the fabrics to the furniture and make them weatherproof.

You can also look for old vases, chairs, tables; even swing seats in flea markets or garage sales to add a touch of elegance to your garden. You do not have to use them in their shabby old condition.

3. Junk Can Be Turned Into Chic Knickknacks

Here is your chance to add a personal touch to your home. This home decoration idea involves collecting things you no longer need and turning them into objects dart. Tall glasses and small bowls can become candle holders. Unwanted wrapping paper and old scrapbook cuttings can be laminated to form dining table mats.

4. Light Carpets Don’t Cost $200 Per Square Foot

Light carpets made of synthetic fibers are good enough for modern homes. They are easy and cheaper to wash, and they can take more hard knocks than the traditional woolen carpet. Wooden floors need no carpets. You can place rugs under chairs and small living room tables if you find the idea of a completely bare floor difficult to accept. This home decoration tip also works well for laminated floors.

Small Home Decoration Ideas For The Budget Conscious (1)5. Windows Can Have Curtains, Blinds, And Any Number Of Draperies

Curtains are inexpensive if you purchase them from right places. You can use fabric paint on the plain curtain to customize your curtain. Sheer curtains or light lacey ones work wonders for windows overlooking private spaces, such as gardens and patios. Look for special linings to keep out harsh sunlight during warm summers. The simple aluminum blind has given way to designer blinds in vinyl and fabric, and these are available at bargain prices at local supermarkets, home decoration stores, or online stores.