Four Different Categories of the Best Water Softener Systems

The water softener market today has four different technologies used to develop the water softening systems for consumers all over the world. The diversity of user requirement has informed the adoption of these various techniques to give the customers a customized product to suit their respective expectations.

Every category of the water softeners has a unique approach to softening of water. There are different Water Softener Systems that use different technology. It is for this reason, that it is incumbent upon you individually to choose the best water softener suitable for you water needs depending on its characteristics.


The Reverse Osmosis

The group of water softeners using reverse osmosis method applies pressure to facilitate the pushing of the hard kjkjkjkjkjkjkjwater into a semi-permeable membrane designed mainly to remove impurities from the hard water. It works by allowing only water to pass through the membrane while it holds or stops all the impurities from going through alongside the water. It does not convert hard water into the soft water but only removes the contamination in the hard water.

It is beneficial to you because you do not have to add any additives. It requires a low cost to run, as well as purchase. However, the method is not efficient in eliminating the hardness of water; instead, it removes nutrients that are essential in water.

Salt-based water softeners

Water softeners using this technique adopt a process that replaces the ions of hard water with those of soft water. The system requires a salt chamber and a brine tank. The additives applied in this process include salt ions or sodium, which you have to top up in the salt room regularly to enable the system work properly. It is the best technology available for softening hard water efficiently with the benefits of helping you save money eventually, as it requires no maintenance after installation. However, the machines are bulky and consume a lot of space in addition to requiring a drain to discharge the impurities.


The best alternative for individuals with sodium-restricted diets is the salt-free water softener systems. They use the Nano-technology to remove the matter and scale build up in the pipe entirely, and then alter the water hardness thereby minimizing the hardness significantly. You do not require salt additives. It comes with 100 percent environmentally friendly features. Installation is easy because it does not need a drain.

Magnetic water softeners

mbvxzaqwghjThe technology used here involves installing wires or magnets into the water softening system to change the structure of the hard water. The magnets or coils are placed along your water pipes to soften the water for about 48 hours after which the water retains its hardness. These water softeners are famous due to their affordability as well as capacity.