The Vinyl Revolution

We all love music, if someone says they hate music, they may not be from this planet ass music has been around for centuries from old civilizations that used drums to dance around the fire to DJ’s playing techno music at clubs where people also dance.

The History

Music has come a long way since the drums and now the complexity of COM20sounds and various new technologies has given us the opportunity to enjoy crisp and clear sound with depth. The first proper commercial production of vinyl records was in 1951. However, there were various forms for phonographs before that which could be traced to Thomas Edison as well.

Vinyl records went out of fashion for a while, but they have made a comeback since the start of the 21st century, and now many people are learning to appreciate the warm and deep sound that can be enjoyed by playing these records.

How to Play a Record

There are a few pieces of equipment that you will need in order to enjoy the sound produced by this form of media.

A turntable or a phonograph

This is a unit that has a turning base in which you place the vinyl on, and it uses a needle to follow the grooves. The pattern on the engraving creates various vibrations which are in turn passed through a phono preamp on to a power amplifier.

The amplifier

Once the signals are received from the player, the amplifier will process and send the sound to the speakers so that we will hear the music the way it is supposed to be heard.

COM21The Speakers

There are thousands of different speaker models available on the market today and buying the right one may be confusing. You can, however, test each one to ensure that they give clear and profound sound. Do not buy speakers that are too small as they will not be able to handle good bass or trebles and will not perform well during higher volumes.

Various types of media

In today’s modern world, you will see various types of media storage devices. DVD’s, CD’s, Cassettes and USD drives are now used widely by many. However, the vinyl revolution is at hand, and many people who still own an extensive collection prefer to listen to their favorite tunes through them and not by using digital media like DVD’s or USB sticks.